Revenue Management

Revenue management & Ids management


    Complex mathematical functions supporting the experience of a group of serious professionals allow you to sell your rooms at the best price, the highest that the market is willing to pay day-to-day. Do not leave behind a part of sales when the pressure of the demand is high or lose the entire sale when the demand is low. Please, ask Nettohotel for.


    Often market analysis by outside professionals leads to the spotting of elements never considered before or to the relocation of the structure among the competitors. In Revenue Management collaboration, we study the market together to maximize the perception of your hotel.


    The team of technicians who works daily on affiliated hotels is constantly in connection with accounts of the main OTA, is perfectly aware of the actions and settings useful to improve your sales as well as all actions that directly or indirectly improve your visibility.


    For your business is it better to equip staff with a powerful cloud software that helps in all operations of demand, market trends and rates analysis?
    Is the outsourcing of online selling and Reveneue Management entrusted to serious and successful professionals the best solution? Nettohotel has both solutions.

Revenue management Nettohotel

Revenue Management

Revenue Management is a discipline in constant evolution but some basics are consolidated. Among the activities carried out by the working group are: the analysis of occupancy and history of the hotel, the budget forecast study for occupancy and income, the analysis of pricing and market segments, the response of the rankings in leading portals and the perception that the market has of the hotel, competitors analysis, the study of tourist trends and events relevant to the selected destination. Coordinated actions aimed at the preparation of the work plan and objectives shared with the staff.

Some advantagesi:

  • Improved visibility on IDS channels
  • Harmonization of rates
  • Ease of internal resources
  • Involvement and growth of internal resources

Maximum freedom

Revenue Mangement Nettohotel


Outsourced solution in collaboration with Geco Hotel Consulting’s professionals

  • Professional and accurate service
  • 365 days a year coverage
  • No need to purchase additional software
  • Continuous monitoring of results

The maximum benefits with minimal effort. You do not need to dedicate one or more internal resources and will take full advantage of combined experience of serious professionals.

Would you increase your hotel revenue?