GiorcesBardo33-2" di Giorces - GiorcesBardo33-2.JPG modified by SuperManu. Con licenza CC BY 2.5 tramite Wikimedia Commons.">"GiorcesBardo33-2" di Giorces - GiorcesBardo33-2.JPG modified by SuperManu. Con licenza CC BY 2.5 tramite Wikimedia Commons.

Tourism should not rhyme with terrorism

Terrorism stroke again aiming once more our industry: Tourism. Attacking foreign tourists, cruiser  tourists, in the first and most important museum of neighboring  Tunisia, was not a case.
Last year, 250 cruise ships have disembarked  about 600,000 tourists on the Tunisian coast, which had remained a bastion of calm even at the most tense moments of the abrab riots. Now it is likely that Americans, northern Europeans and all tourists in general would not rely anymore not just in Northern Africa but throughout the whole Mediterranean.

Professionals say and various market analysis show it that a large percentage of tourists consider terrorism threats when choosing the destination of a trip or the place where to spend holidays. When a terrorist attack occurs, people have a tendency not to see it as a single and exceptional incident but instead they tend to generalize the phenomenon. An aviation accident means for many people avoiding flying for a period of time. A terrorist attack generates panic and the desire to delete that geographic area from their future itineraries.

I take this as an opportunity for a broader reflection on the theme of the fragility of the tourism sector in recent times: too often, relating it to the theme of terrorism it ends up being associated with ideological, religious and even political contrasts, sometimes even from tourism operators, though unconsciously.  Security remains a primary right and should be implemented with all the necessary measures, but we must not yield to the terrorists and fear or even abandon ourselves to the desperation, that would help terrorists to achieve their purposes.
A thought goes to the victims of Tunis and their families, in particular, our fellow citizens from Turin, but to honor them we must continue to work as usual or even more, to develop tourism in all its forms and to make available all the economic and cultural benefits that a sane tourist economy brings along.
I invite everybody involved in tourism to work hard and make sure that Tourism will never rhyme with terrorism.

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