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Nettohotel and Made in Italy

“Made in Italy” brand has a great appeal worldwide. Proof of that are the high numbers of frauds or improper use that take place throughout the world, where unscrupulous firms ride the appealing brand peddling their products for Italian, while theres is nothing of italian but the sounds-like-italian product name. In a globalized world, where industrial […]

Cloud PMS solutions?

What is a “Cloud-Based” Solution? In widely used Jargon, “Cloud” means computing that involve computers connected through the internet, usable through any browser, accessible from anywhere in the world, where both the application software and the database reside on remote servers. A new concept “S.A.A.S”: Software As A Service Software As A Service helps you […]

#Nettopartners: Complementary Professionalities and Skills with GeCo Consulenze Alberghiere

Nettohotel’s choice to rely on affirmed Professionals for some value added services brought to the collaboration with GeCo. We made a quick interview to Dr. Marco Fabbroni, CEO of GeCo Consulenze Alberghiere Mr. Fabbroni, how does this agreement work? “The collaboration with Nettohotel stands on the completion of both companie’s services that are not provided […]

NettoHotel Opens to Young People

Curiosity and Some Little Disorientation Among Students Professor Mrs. Sara Vittori called for involvement by tourism industry operators and we gladly answered proposing a speech on these issues: GDS and other Electronic Distribution Means Yield Management and Revenue Management Hotel Marketing, Integrated Marketing Students of the last year gathered the meeting room. We started our […]