Business Travel in constant growth thanks to the new technologies

Business Travel in constant growth thanks to the new technologies

It’s estimated a 3.7% amount per year in the next 10 years in the business trips sector.
A study made and pubblished by World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) in collaboration with Travelport released at the Bangkok WTTC Global Summit.
The traveller of the future – the business one
The business trip represents 25% of the economic contribution of trips and tourism all over the world and for each dollar spent in business trips, 10 dollars enter the world market. WTTC will launch some new research that will show that the fast-growing markets are the emerging ones, with the Asiatic-Pacific area heading and and a forecast of growth of the 6.2% annual up to 2027.
The Business Travelers are the most reliables and there are some place where the business trips are growing faster. The dynamics of the business trips have been examined, the future tendencies inside the segment, the measure in which it can contribute to the sustainable development, and how the destinations can obtain the best from their own advantages.
Business Travel’s Top 10 Destinations

The “top ten” countries with the best forecasts of increase (considering an annual average for the decade 2017/2027).

  • In Asia, China is leading with a forecast of increase around 9.5%, followed by Myanmar (8.7%), Hong Kong (8%), Cambodgia (7.4%) and India (7.2%)
  • Africa proposes Rwanda and Gabon (both with +8.5%), third position for Tanzania with 7.9%.
    During the past 5 years the expense for Business Travel has quickly grown in many emergent countries, with the example of Democratic Repubblic of Congo, grown of a 32% during the period 2011-2016, Qatar at 25%, Azerbaijan at 21% and Mozambico at 19%. Another factor of growth is represented (in 8 of the 20 countries with the higher develop of the segment) by an easier way to obtain visas for foreign travel.

The biggest business markets remains USA, China, UK, Germany and Japan..

Further relevance is given to the technological support.

According to Travelport data, there is emphasis on the use of memo, chatbot mobile recall, flights informations, time tables, upgrades, loyalty programmes and on the other hand the industry uses these data to to interest the clientele, above all the millenials.

Italy shows up in the top ten, and more precisely to the 6° place for business travel and to the 8° for the contribuiton to the global turism, and today it is estimated that it will be in the same position in 2027, together with the countries leader above mentioned, and before France, Canada, Sweden, Malaysia.

We will see!

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