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NettoHotel Opens to Young People

Curiosity and Some Little Disorientation Among Students

Professor Mrs. Sara Vittori called for involvement by tourism industry operators and we gladly answered proposing a speech on these issues:

GDS and other Electronic Distribution Means
Yield Management and Revenue Management
Hotel Marketing, Integrated Marketing

Students of the last year gathered the meeting room. We started our speech presenting our daily activities and some rudiments of Yield Mangement and Revenue Management. Right before time run-up we hit the Marketing stuff, with an accent on “marketing of oneself” when they would start working on tourism industry.

Few Questions

We were ready for questions, some even hard to answer. We got less than expected but generally quite relevant. The feeling was of an audience scarcely interested about how did develop hotel distribution in the last decades, who became fervent when we switched to all technologies related to “social media”. They liked the widget for booking hotels directly through Facebook.

An Experience to be Continued

We have to thank Professor Vittori for involving us, it’s quite useful knowing our future clients or partners and we hope we have raised some curiosity among the students.

We have been guests for lunch and enjoyed the work of cook and waiter students.


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