To convert the visits to your website in real bookings: some data, our solution

From the interesting report (you can find it here), made by Sojern, in conjunction with Google, emergono new data about the hotel consumer’s extremely complex path to purchase.
According to the experts at Google, more than half of all travelers —specifically 60% of leisure travelers and 55% of business travelers— begin their journey to booking a trip on a search engine.

Ecco alcuni dati salienti emersi da questo rapporto:

1) Only 4% start by searching for a hotel brand
That could mean two different things: it is really hard for a hotel to get concrete recognition, but it’s also true that there’s “a golden opportunity to win guests over if you have a compelling offering”.
Nevetheless, it should not be forgotten that the majority of travelers (about 28%) starts with vacation rentals;

2) Who’s gonna book by mobile?
According to Google data, “mobile searches are significantly more prevalent at the lower price-point segments than the high end. In total, 73% of searches for economy hotels come via mobile, compared to 45% for both upper upscale and luxury. The trend seems pretty linear, with 62% of searches coming from mobile for midscale hotels, 56% for upper midscale and 53% for upscale”;

3) Where are you going?
The report ranks both the top five U.S. and international destinations in terms of growth of searches based on Google data culled from a comparison of 12 week periods (ending in 2016 and 2017, respectively) spanning from the end of October to mid-January.
U.S.: Fort Washington, Maryland; Gatlinburg, Tennessee; Washington, D.C.; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Detroit.
International destinations: Havana; Sodankylä, Finland; Varadero, Cuba; Lisbon, Portugal; and Thera (Santorini), Greece;

4) Better late than never
Overall, data show a strong frequency to a last-minute booking, both in terms of flights but above all of hotels. Only 15% of travelers, in fact, seems to start any research around 60 days before the planned date of departure.

In conclusion, given the circumstances not always in favour of our sector, and considered the fierce competition of other platforms, there is increasing awareness of the need to have a Booking Engine up to today’s market, at the same time lighter but also catchy as much as possible, rich of offers and packages suitables to each kind of traveler.

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