Bleisure as an opportunity



It’s a matter of fact that the new generations are more willing to combine business and leisure, this millennials’ typical trend is called “bleisure”, but it’s not a cost for the employers.

A recent research by the Global Business Travel Association shows that in a business travel a millennial spend more money than his older colleagues.
It is worth to consider this trend as an opportunity rather than a threat for the business budgets.

Budget under control for the millennials

An Expedia survey found that 37% of business traveler from 18 to 30 years old spend more in room service when it is on Companies bill, compared to the 21% of business travelers from 46 to 65 years old.
During their business travels, if they can gain loyalty points, the millennials choose their favorite hotel or airline company, even if there are some cheaper choices. The millennials lastly pays 13% more on air tickets then other non-business travelers.
But in spite of what the numbers could suggest,  the young business travelers are offers hunters, looking for the cheapest price for the best comfort.

In other words, the millennials favor the value and the experiences of the travel and they bring this mentality in the business travels.

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Ambassadors of the ”bleisure” concept

Since they are less probably to have a family, the millennials can choose business travel as a life style, that is be great ambassadors of the ”bleisure” concept.
Unlike the X generation and the boom’s business travelers that hate to leave home and the family, those that are born from the 80s to the  2000s are less chained and are more willing to tell the visited place.

Connected and habitual

A young business traveler prefers an hotel in a ski resort  40 minutes far  from his destination to take advantage of the free time; or wants to stay near to his favorite gym (searching the near services on the net).
The bleisure goes over the travel purpose: in example millennials travelers use social networks (like tripadvisor or tinder) to ask for travel suggestions to the “locals”, that are the local inhabitants, and find an opportunity to socialize.
The travels’ social dimension is so important to millennials that the large hotel groups are changing their properties to satisfy the needs developing new hotel concepts focused on the  younger travelers (IE. Starwood con #Aloftlife, Marriot con #attheMoxy e Hilton con Canopy).
This hotels have a very stylish interior design, ubiquitous Wi-Fi, socializing spaces,  common work spaces and recreation services like free bike rental and free time activities.

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