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Nettohotel and Made in Italy

“Made in Italy” brand has a great appeal worldwide. Proof of that are the high numbers of frauds or improper use that take place throughout the world, where unscrupulous firms ride the appealing brand peddling their products for Italian, while theres is nothing of italian but the sounds-like-italian product name.

In a globalized world, where industrial projects are developed in one Country, the raw materials come from different places, part of the processing is done in one area and the final assembly and packaging is completed some place else, it easy to fall into the equivocation.

So which really are “Made in Italy” products?

Tourism of course!

When you stay at an Italian hotel you are buying a “Made in Italy” product/service. Does it really count if such hotel has made in Korea air conditioning, Japanese printer, made in Germany Elevators and the PMS is developed in the US?  No! All this is irrelevant, staying at Italian hotel you just bought a “Made in Italy” product/service.

With these assumptions Nettohotel is proposing worldwide a “Made in Italy” service.

W use systems and technology developed in the US but the tailor made service and assistance are 100% italian.  It does not matter where the server or the “switch” reside,  our work side by side with hoteliers is “Made in Italy” and some early marketing surveys confirm that hoteliers throughout the World are ready to buy a “Made in Italy” service that helps them selling their local hotel product/service.

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