The impact of the chatbot in travel and hospitality: what they are and how they help the customer care

Probably you already had an interaction with a chatbot, and you have not realized it.
Or maybe, you’re already talking with Siri or Google Now making questions to them: yet you have communicated with a type of chatbot.

With technological innovation always on the move, companies are constantly looking for new ways to make customer service easier and more convenient.
When you’re trying to purchase a flight or a pair of shoes, you will have noticed the increasingly constant presence of a pop up that offers you support checking whether you need a hand.

Frequently asked questions related to the recorded journey through bots to improve the guest experience

Chatbots are becoming more and more like a real benefit and a real business, an artificial intelligence you can ask for infos without downloading any apps. This was also thought because lately is experiencing a decline downloading applications, often unused.

“Travelodge UK has admitted that he saved on customer service costs, improving the happiness of the customer due to its virtual assistant. A Chatbot that can be programmed in any language (according to ‘visitor’s ID) and respond to customer questions 24/7 ”
Pros and cons: No need to pay it because it’s an A.I., but maybe, in some cases, it could not be able to answer some specific questions, and this would make it a frustrating experience and people could prefer talking to a real human.

Catering to this issue many take a hybrid formula. Home Chatbot that is able to respond to a given question, to pursue more complex communication with a customer service and taking care of customer satisfaction.

Chatbots are thus an advantage to the hotel, in terms of improved customer service and increased communication. However, it is advisable to implement a standard messaging platform, it can be a cheaper and easier way to start with chatbot especially if you are small property.

While an instant messaging system does not allow for automatic translation, and requires someone online that can proactively monitor, you should start to reap the benefits of chatbots. You could easily communicate with clients while they’re travelling, lead them along the booking path, and send discrete messages to help prevent the abandonment of reservations.

chat bot

Technically, I do not know anything about it, and it will be very interesting to keep up to date this trend and check the improvements of their programming.
Will this affect the booking process?
Whatever the “journey of chatbot” is, it will be crucial for businesses to become aware of these tools in order to guarantee more value to the customer, which always stay the priority!

Some ChatBot examples

After Telegram, also Facebook has its “Messenger’s Bot”, like for example Instalocate to know when your flight is leaving, or to geolocate an aircraft in real time or even to know what is the maximum weight for a baggage.
It supports searches of flights taking informations from Google.

Best Friend by Travel Appeal with which Best Western is directly talking with customers

“Chatbot Concierge” tested by a hotel in Stockolm

Expedia bot for Facebook Messenger

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