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#Nettopartners: Complementary Professionalities and Skills with GeCo Consulenze Alberghiere

Nettohotel’s choice to rely on affirmed Professionals for some value added services brought to the collaboration with GeCo.

We made a quick interview to Dr. Marco Fabbroni, CEO of GeCo Consulenze Alberghiere

Marco Fabbroni - CEO Geco consulenze alberghiereMr. Fabbroni, how does this agreement work?

“The collaboration with Nettohotel stands on the completion of both companie’s services that are not provided directly or can be better accomplished by the partner.”

What are your main areas of activity?

Our business consists of two branches:

  • Revenue Management, hoteliers can optimize distribution towards OTAs in outsourcing with us
  • Hotel Commercial Representation, organized with a reservation centre and with the participation to over 40 events worldwide including trade shows, fairs and workshop. We have 5 employees dedicated full time, 2 line and 3 staff. This organizations allows us providing an effective service of B2B representation to Nettohotel’s Clients.
What are positive aspects?

There are many positive effects, starting from the hoteliers who can add to their existing activity the commercial strenght of a national network which has been quite appreciated by international Tour Operators. The Commercial Representation, a “vertical” and tailored service, completes Nettohotel activity of GDS distribution, enhancing the development toward Tour Operators

Ultimately, adding the skills of GeCo and Nettohotel we cover both online (OTAs and GDSs) and offline (TOs and Corporate) hotel distribution. It’s a good “business card” and a significant enhancement of both Companies services.

Let me mention GecoHotels, a new concept of network where Hotels are not forcibly grouped just for the sake of a brand, but on the contrary, it is the high market acceptance along with the quality of the hotel itself that unites the participating hotels, resulting in a commercial strenght that Nettohotel Clients can benefit.


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