Marketing Plan: why is it important? How to better sell your hotel rooms!

How to realize a successful marketing plan for your Hotel.

Why is it important? And how to sell in a better way the rooms of your hotel!

Are you looking for the best strategy to sell the rooms of your Hotel?
Together we will consider some suggestions to realize a good marketing plan for your structure.

Be ready to redefine your strategy

Any marketing plan should be a guide that can point out actions and strategies to complete in the future, in the brief, middle and long term.
The hotel sector is in constant change, the objectives that we preset there today can result obsolete and no more convenient tomorrow. Not only the internal changes, but also those due to the social, political and economic environment can have a meaningful impact on the hotel and on the marketing strategy.
You have to pay attention to what happens in the external environment and take accordingly the suitable measures. The correct formula to realize an effective marketing plan for your Hotel doesn’t exist, but the constant revision of the strategy, always focused on what is happening outside, offers a precious sign around the effectiveness of your business strategy and marketing.

  • Monitor regularly your occupation, paying attention and comparing it to the past;
  • Organize with (all) your staff periodic meetings to know what happens in every area of the structure.
    This is the best way to reach the objectives defined in the marketing plan involving everybody in your hotel.

No matter the size, it is the idea that counts

No matter if the structure is small and in the province, or of averages dimensions and affiliate to a chain of hotels, if it  opened recently or has years of experience in the hospitality, every hotel keeper must face daily new challenges in order to succeed to:

  • sell rooms;
  • respond to the customers needs;
  • reach every company’s goal.

These objectives are not casually reached but they require a marketing plan for your Hotel that must be well studied and must represent the base of your whole business strategy.
Remember: listen to everyone’s opinions, allow people to express different points of view and always be open to new ideas, even when they arrive from the newcomer in the company.

How to realize a marketing plan

The marketing plan is just a document focused on some key aspects of your activity. Do not think that it is necessary to dedicate too much time on a theoretical working. As mentioned before, to actually reach specific objectives, marketing plan must be integrated in the daily operations.

Here some question that you should ask yourself in order to establish the objectives of the marketing plan and make a clear business strategy:

  • [personas definition]
    Who are our guests / clients type?
  • [USP unique selling proposition definition]
    Why should the guests choose our Hotel?
    Which advantages do we offer?
    Which is our philosophy / our vision?
    Which are our products and services – and which are positively or negatively appraised?
  • [competitor’s definition in terms of geographical proximity or relevance] How do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors? What do we do better than them?
  • [SWOT analysis definition]
    Which are our points of strength, of weakness, opportunity and threats?

Only after you answered those questions you can begin to sketch the objectives of your marketing strategy, defining a realistic target to be reached within a specific period of time.
Just remember that you have to be able to monitor the results of your objectives.
For example, you can decide to increase the direct bookings from your hotel’s website (by improving the website or by installing the Booking Engine) or handle your online presence on the differents portals (check the possibility to get a Channel Manager, join the Business Travel GDS or emproving your Revenue Management).
Don’t forget to set a budget for each of your objectives.

Basis: marketing mix & the 4 P

This whole job is to do keeping in mind the base of the marketing: the 4P of marketing mix, identified in the ’60 by Philip Kotler (but to attribute in reality to Jerome Mc Carthy), that have represented for decades the fundamental elements on which to found a marketing strategy.

  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Point of sale

Think about all the useful gears for your marketing

Now, begin to establish a necessary budget following an accurate analysis of the costs and the useful benefits to pursue your strategy.

What tools and actions will be inserted in the plan marketing plan.
Here some examples:

  • Hotel’s logo and image restyling, both offline (headed paper and visit tickets) and online (sito web)
  • Contacts profilation strategy and email marketing purchase
  • Content marketing strategy and Social Media Marketing
  • Online advertisement (both on Google and Social)

Remember to communicate the marketing plan to all of your collaborators, making them feel part of the project.

Conclusion: the advantages and the struggling to pursue a marketing plan

Finally, let’s see the advantages of a marketing plan

  • It helps increasing the clientele and know how to turn occasional guests in regular customers.
  • It helps to pursue business finishing lines and to reach concrete objectives, attainables with the suitable tools.

It is important to formulate and to develop a business strategy to put into pratice the marketing plan.
Be patient. Check every day that your strategy is fitting to the operational processes, setting an action plan for and with your collaborators.
Constantly monitor the impact of your actions on the hotel’s performances. The marketing plan should be considered as successfully activated when your strategies lead to a real improvement, your collaborators are working together to reach the objectives and when the profit is quantified.
Be critical, do not hesitate to discuss the established objectives and to adapt them to the environnmental circumstances.

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