Swiss Hospitality Collection relies on Nettohotel for GDS distribution

Reasons why a Swiss Hotel Group has chosen Nettohotel

What brought a prestigious Swiss hotel brand like Swiss Hospitality Collection to turn to Nettohotel for their GDS distribution?

Perhaps for their cultural affinity? Most of the Swiss Hospitality’s structures are based in the German-speaking areas of Switzerland, where the likeness with the Italian culture is particularly striking… Or is it because the logo associated with the Nettohotel brand is particularly pleasant to the eye?

None of this.

Swiss Hospitality Collection has chosen Nettohotel because of its competence, seriousness, fairness and transparency. Because it builds on a relationship of collaboration, not on one of simply supplier / user of services.

The common aim is for affiliated hotels to deliver good results from the GDS channel, while all along being empowered to act directly in each stage, with the additional prompt and professional support of Nettohotel whenever required.


The first approach dates back to an ITB in Berlin, when a freelance professional put in touch the Swiss consulting company that works with the Swiss Hospitality Collection with Nettohotel, with the far-sighted words: “There are chances that you guys can cooperate well”. Since then there have been numerous confcalls, emails and personal meetings.

The common ground soon emerged and parallelly a trust relationship was established, re-enforced by the successful results of a first test hotel distributed by Nettohotel since around the end of 2016.

The requirements of the hotel group were:

• maintain the Synxis technology for existing hotels (and extend it to the others in order to unify the processes);

• maintain the XML connections to the various Channel Managers;

• guarantee the operational autonomy by the individual hotel owners;

empower the involvement of the group staff, both in the sales support phase and in the statistical analysis phase;

guarantee the ownership of data;

• receive prompt and proactive support.

realistic costs, which allow on the one hand to provide a good service and on the other hand to invest reasonably for an important channel such as the GDS.

All those topics are already key features of our service.

Nettohotel already provides all those benefits to individual hoteliers, hence it was easy to extend them to the entire group. But we wanted to do more, so we invested by adding to our Support Team a German native speaker dedicated to assistance.

Swiss Hospitality Collection si affida a Nettohotel per la distribuzione GDS 1 Swiss Hospitality Collection si affida a Nettohotel per la distribuzione GDS (3) Swiss Hospitality Collection si affida a Nettohotel per la distribuzione GDS (1)

www.nettohotel.itThe switching phase

On January 2nd and 3rd 2018, the switch was successfully completed for 11 hotels, in addition to the 3 pilot properties which were already activated during 2017.

Migrating such number of hotels within a few hours requires extensive preparation work, and Synxis has been very cooperative, allowing us to complete everything on schedule. The same high level of collaboration was shown by the various Channel Managers Partners, with the configuration, mapping and testing of interfaces all performed during the Christmas/New Year period.

The “shells” had been created months in advance and the technical configuration was uploaded ahead (rooms, descriptions, sales rules, rate plans). In the two weeks prior to the switch, the XML links were configured and tested with the various Channel Managers.

Among the difficulties we encountered was the hurdle for hotels to access historic data for their properties and a certain level of “bewilderment” by some of the hoteliers, not accustomed to such freedom of use for the GDS tool.

www.nettohotel.itFuture outlooks

It goes without saying that other hotels in the group will switch to Nettohotel when they will become free from their current contractual obligations, or whenever new hotels will join the Swiss Hospitality Collection, but we also encourage every independent hotelier to collaborate with Nettohotel and benefit from our personal telephone assistance (opening an online ticket is nothing like picking up the phone and talking to our knowledgeable and courteous team about an issue or request) and from all the other advantages we offer.

If a colleague asks you how to get the most out of the GDS channel, tell him with confidence: “talk to NetToHotel”

Gianfranco Chiaretta

To find out more and for a free consultation do not hesitate to contact us.

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