Yes, We Are Open!

A complete platform for managing the digital menus of restaurants, pizzerias, clubs and pubs.

  • More safety and hygiene

    The digital menu allows the reduction of the contacts with the staff, with the other customers and with the paper menu. Payment can also be made independently, without handling cash, cards, touching the display or pressing keys on the POS.

  • Higher revenues

    The advantages obtained by using the digital menu are considerable, from the lesser use of staff time at the table, to the reduction of waiting times (time to table) to better efficiency thanks to a faster rotation of the tables.

  • Cost savings

    If you change the menu often and especially if you print it in different languages, in addition to the numerous advantages, you will also immediately get savings on printing costs, whether they are for the printer or even simply for paper, toner and plastic collectors.

  • Customer loyalty

    Use the digital menu to collect customer data by consensus and stay in touch with them, communicating news, promotions and offers.

Yes, We Are Open!

Designed for all catering businesses that want a simple but powerful tool to start selling online.

  • Easy to create
  • Quick to update
  • Complete platform
  • Multi-administrator access
  • No investment
  • Maximum transparency